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About us

About Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee aims to raise awareness of literacy and increase vocabulary among children aged between 10 and 13 years in Western Australia. The program is set up as an online spelling competition where children compete against their own best and against each others’ personal best.  

While parents are encouraged to have their children participate, equally we ask that parents do not help the child with the spelling competition.  The final Spell-off is in front of a live audience where there are no tools for support so the competitor will be challenged to spell correctly.

Nevertheless, Spelling Bee is designed to be both fun and educational with lots of resources along the way to help parents, teachers and children to become better spellers!

About the State Library Foundation

The State Library Foundation (the Foundation) functions as the development arm of the State Library of Western Australia. It is a Public Ancillary Fund and holds Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. The Foundation’s aim is to build a sustainable funding pool to ensure a consistent revenue stream that allows it to creatively support the State Library’s strategic direction.

The Foundation’s volunteer Board of Management oversees the governance and direction of operations. The Board works closely with the Library Board and the State Library’s strategic direction. The Foundation team comprises a permanent staff of three people; General Manger, Development & Marketing Manager and Business Administrator.

The Foundation’s diverse revenue stream includes sourcing grants from institutions, gifts and donations from individuals and the community, and sourcing funding partners and sponsors.

The Foundation’s goals are to enhance the community’s capacity for learning, accessing, collecting, preserving and receiving information through the State Library’s programs. Our role is to engage partners who share our vision for a literate state and accessibility of information in a range of formats. The funding support we receive enables the State Library to extend its programs for all Western Australians.

The Foundation has built Spelling Bee on the Sate Library’s well established reputation for innovative literacy support for children and adults and aims to provide activities that augment community awareness of the value of literacy.

How you can help - Donate Now

Your donation will be used to extend the State Library’s literacy programs so that all children in WA can benefit from these initiatives.